Skylight Repair Woordridge IL

Skylight Repair Woordridge ILAre you seeking help with a skylight repair? Woodridge, IL property owners have been turning to the experts at Hills Roofing since 1985! We can help with all your skylight repair needs, from fixing a leaking skylight, to fixing a damaged hinge mechanism, or skylight replacement.

Skylight Repair Woordridge IL And Types of Roof

There are several different types of skylights that we encounter in the course of performing skylight repair. Woodridge, IL natives often have one of the following types of skylights.

Fixed Skylights — Fixed skylights are simply acrylic or glass window panels that do not open. They are available in lots of different shapes and styles, from flat glass or acrylic models, to round “bubble” skylights and even polygonal shapes.

Vented Skylights — Vented skylights have one or more panels that opens to allow air into the room. They can be operated with a pole that cranks them open and closed, while other models are equipped with a sensor that automatically opens the skylight when temperatures rise to a certain degree.

Tubular Skylights — Tubular skylights are a clever invention. These skylights are great for rooms that aren’t abutted by the roof. The skylight is formed from a tube, that extends from the roof to the room where you’ll be installing the skylight. Reflectors are used to carry the light down the length of the tube, allowing for great natural light.

There are also lots of different skylight styles found in commercial structures, like lean-to skylights, barrel vault skylights and hip ridge skylights.

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Call The Expert in Skylight Repair Woordridge IL

So if you’d like a free roof inspection or need help with a skylight repair, Woodridge, IL natives can contact Hills Roofing by calling 630-963-1555. You may also visit our website for more information about skylight repair Woordridge IL.

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