Skylight Repair Naperville IL

Skylight Repair Naperville ILDo you need help with a skylight repair? Naperville, IL homeowners turn to the professional team at Hills Roofing, which has been serving the region since 1985!

Hills Roofing can help with all roofing and skylight repairs, from repairing a vented skylight that won’t open, to fixing a water leak, or replacing a skylight for a newer model. We can also help with new skylight installations.

An improperly installed skylight can lead to chronic problems, such as water leaks, drafts and roofing problems. The reason? When the skylight is installed, you need to create a secure, water-tight seal around the perimeter of the skylight. Then, you must apply roofing around the skylight to funnel water away in a proper manner.

If a skylight isn’t installed properly, you can end up with a leak in the area around the perimeter of the fixture. Water can also seep into the area between the roofing material and the sub-roof structure if the surrounding roofing is not installed properly.

Leaks can also occur if a vented skylight is damaged or defective. Vented skylights are just like a normal window in that the panel will pop up to allow airflow to enter the structure. But if the seal where the panel meets the frame is damaged or defective, this can cause a leak.

Seek Help From Expert Skylight Repair Naperville IL

But that’s exactly where our experts can help! We have over 25 years of experience in skylight repair! Naperville, IL turns to Hills Roofing, as we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured. We go the extra mile to ensure total customer satisfaction!

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If you need help with emergency roof repairs, simply wish to a free roof inspection or need to schedule a skylight repair, Naperville, IL natives can call the team at Hills Roofing at 630-963-1555. You may also visit our website for more information about skylight repair Naperville IL.

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