Skylight Repair Downers Grove IL

Skylight Repair Downers Grove ILIs your skylight leaking? Do you need a skylight repair? Downers Grove, IL natives have been working with the pros at Hills Roofing since 1985!

Hills Roofing can help with a vast array of different roofing, chimney and skylight repairs. In fact, we see lots of different types of skylight damage, with the most common problems arising from a do-it-yourself installer or an inexperienced installer.

Leaks are, far and away, the most common problem when it comes to skylights. Vented skylights — that is, skylights with a panel that opens — can leak around the seal where the edges of the vented panel meet the surrounding frame. The seal can degrade with time and sun exposure, resulting in leak formation.

Leaks may also form around the perimeter of the skylight frame if the joint where the frame meets the roof hasn’t been sealed properly. Problems may also arise if the surrounding shingles aren’t installed correctly.

The angle of the skylight may also have an impact. In some cases, an edge of the skylight may need to be lifted to prevent a ‘dip’ that results in pooling (and subsequently, leaking).

Some vented skylights have automatic sensors that open and close the vent according to temperature. Our experts can help replace damaged sensors.

Skylight Repair Downers Grove IL And Other Services

We can also assist with ice dam-related skylight repairs. Downers Grove, IL natives can experience problems in winter if the skylight warms and melts the snow, causing it to run  beneath the shingles where it freezes and expands, causing ice dams that can seriously damage a roof.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in roof, chimney and skylight repair! Downers Grove, IL trusts the experts at Hills Roofing, as we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured. These are just a few of the ways in which we work to ensure you have total peace of mind and confidence while working with our team!

Call The Professional in Skylight Repair Downers Grove IL

So if you need help with a skylight repair, Downers Grove, IL natives can call the team at Hills Roofing at 630-963-1555. You may also visit our website for more information about skylight repair Downers Grove IL.

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