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Roof Repair Company Woodridge ILIf you’re looking for a professional roof repair company, Woodridge, IL natives can turn to the pros at Hill’s Roofing. Our fully licensed, bonded and insured roofing company has been serving the region since 1985!

Many clients ask us how they can monitor their roof and identify when they need roof repairs. Timely identification of roof damage can dramatically decrease collateral damage and expense, especially in cases where there’s a leak involved. Water damage can be extremely pervasive and it can rapidly ruin your underlying roof structure, attic insulation, walls, ceilings and beyond!

Leaks can also result in the formation of potentially deadly mold, which can cause serious respiratory ailments when inhaled. Homeowners have had to gut portions of their home due to dangerous mold formation, which can ruin drywall, insulation, plaster and wood.

So it’s important to monitor your roof for leaks and other damage, but how can you achieve that without balancing atop a rickety ladder and risking life and limb? The solution is actually quite simple: binoculars!

Binoculars are an easy way to inspect your roof with your feet firmly planted on the ground. You just need the ability to get to a suitable distance — usually, across the street is suitable — with a clear line of sight of your roof. Binoculars allow you to inspect your roof for cracked and bowed shingles or roof tiles, broken and missing shingles or roof tiles, algae and moss formation, damage to flashing and other abnormalities.

You should also look for other symptoms of a problem, such as separating siding or dangling gutters, as this can signal water damage and rotting involving the underlying structure. This rotting is often due to moisture from a roof leak.

You can also inspect your home’s roof from the underside by going into your attic and inspecting the attic ceiling for any signs of moisture or dampness. It’s best to inspect the attic ceiling during or immediately following a significant rain event. You should also pay attention to the insulation, as you may find that the insulation has been dampened by dripping water.

Semi-annual roof checks are strongly recommended. You should also take a peek at your roof after a severe weather event, especially one involving high winds and hail, as this can cause serious roof damage.

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Hill’s Roofing is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We also go the extra mile to exceed your expectations of excellence! As a top roof repair company, Woodridge, IL clients can rest easy knowing that we stand behind each and every repair that we perform.

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