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Roof Repair Company Warrenville ILIf you’re looking for a professional roof repair company, Warrenville, IL property owners can trust the professional team at Hill’s Roofing, where we’ve been serving the region since 1985!

When it comes to fixing your roof, roof leaks account for a significant portion of our roof repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize they have a roof leak until the damage is widespread and quite significant. A small roof leak can rapidly cause serious damage to a home’s infrastructure in fairly short order, especially if the region experiences a series of rain events. Therefore, it’s extremely important for homeowners to detect roof leaks before they cause serious damage to the home.

So what are some of the signs of a roof leak? Many cases involve an obvious dripping, but this usually occurs once the leak has become fairly large and well established. There are lots of more subtle signs of a roof leak that may be observed in the weeks and months leading up to the obvious dripping. Consider the following common signs and symptoms of a leaking roof:

Water marks and discoloration may arise on your ceilings, walls, plaster and wallpaper. You may notice that the plaster is starting to bubble up, crumble, crack and degrade.

Insulation may be damaged by water. It may be saturated, swelled up or moldy, depending upon the precise insulation type and leak severity.

Mold often arises during the warm summer months. Your attic and walls are the perfect place for mold to form, as it’s dark; combine this with the warm summer months and water from the summer rains and you have a recipe for mold and mildew. Mold may form on drywall, on wood, in insulation and beyond. Many forms of mold, such as black mold, can be extremely dangerous to your health too.

A damp, musty odor is very common, especially in the summer months. The odors are most often found in the attic and other areas that have been penetrated by water.

Wood of the attic ceiling and walls may begin to degrade and rot, especially in cases of a long term roof leak that’s gone undetected and unrepaired.

If your home or structure has metal joists and other structural elements, you may observe corrosion or rusting on the metal.

If you spot signs of a roof leak, call Hill’s Roofing immediately and we’ll dispatch a team to come perform the necessary repairs.

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At Hill’s Roofing, we are fully bonded, licensed and insured – just another way we work to maintain our reputation as a top roof repair company! Warrenville, IL homeowners can also rest easy knowing that we stand behind our workmanship on all projects, so you can be confident that our roofing technicians will get the job done right!

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