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Roof Repair Company Lisle ILDo you require the services of an affordable roof repair company? Lisle, IL property owners turn to the experts at Hill’s Roofing, as we’ve been providing top quality roof repairs to the area since 1985!

When it comes to roofing repairs, many homeowners turn to us following a severe weather event that has caused damage to their home’s roof. So how does a storm damage your roof, exactly?

Severe weather brings a few different risks to your roof. Firstly, there is wind, which can quite literally remove an entire roof in extreme conditions. Wind may catch the edge of an asphalt shingle, causing it to lift and bend. Fortunately, newer asphalt shingles are quite flexible, so many bend, but don’t break. The same cannot be said for older, more brittle shingles and other roofing materials, such as roofing tiles, which tend to fly off in one complete piece (although it requires much stronger winds to take out roofing tiles.)

The wind can also cause indirect damage to a home’s roof if airborne debris collides with your roof. This is why it’s important to bring in all yard furniture and other items in your yard if a severe weather system is predicted for the area.

Wind may also cause tree limbs or entire trees to come crashing down onto (or through) your roof. To limit the chances of tree-related roof damage, it’s important to keep the trees trimmed back. It’s best to remove over-hanging limbs and branches, especially those that have died, as they become more brittle and more likely to break. Trimming the tree branches that hang over your roof will also prevent icicles from forming and dropping onto your roof.

Hail can also damage a roof quite severely. Hail can fall at speeds of over 150 miles per hour, so it’s no wonder that even a fairly small hail stone can punch through your roof with ease!

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Hill’s Roofing is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We also go the extra mile to exceed your expectations of excellence! As a top roof repair company, Lisle, IL clients can rest easy knowing that we stand behind each and every repair that we perform. After all, if we don’t show that we have confidence in our workmanship, how can you have confidence in our work?

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If you’re looking to hire a reputable and affordable roof repair company Lisle, IL homeowners can call the friendly roofing experts at Hill’s Roofing. We’re happy to provide you with a no obligation price estimate for your project. Call us at 630-963-1555. Visit our website for more info about roof repair company Lisle IL.