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Roof Repair Company Aurora ILAre you searching for a qualified and reputable roof repair company? Aurora, IL property owners have been turning to the experts at Hill’s Roofing since 1985!

As a leading roof repair company in Aurora, IL, we get called to tend to a wide range of different roof repair projects.

So what are the most common roofing repairs?

  • Missing or broken shingles — We frequently get requests from clients who have discovered a missing or broken shingle, which often results from severe weather or aging roofing materials.
  • Roofing leaks — Roofing leaks are a very common problem. This can occur due to damage from storms or animals, aging roofing materials and flawed repairs, attempted by a do it yourselfer or a less than qualified roofing repair technician.
  • Damage around chimneys — The area around a home’s chimney and roof vents is prone to developing leaks and other damage. We may need to replace the flashing or the caulking around the chimney or vents, in the area where it meets the shingles or roofing tiles.

Many roofs also require repairs relative to drainage. A properly installed roof will direct water toward the gutters and off the roof. But an inexperienced roofer may install the roofing tiles or shingles in a manner that prevents proper drainage. This makes your roof more prone to developing leaks since the water sits on the roof for a longer period of time.

Algae and moss formation can also leave a roof looking dingy and unsightly. The algae and moss may also cause damage to asphalt shingles over time; it frequently causes the grit to separate from the shingles. It’s not uncommon to see the grit from the shingles collecting in the area around the gutter downspout.

Don’t risk life and limb to climb up onto your roof and attempt repairs, especially if you’re inexperienced with roofing. Contact an expert roof repair company to get the job done properly.

Expert Roof Repair Company Aurora IL

If you’re in the market for a reputable and affordable roof repair company, Aurora, IL natives can turn to the experts here at Hill’s Roofing! We’re fully bonded, licensed and insured to provide you, our clients, with optimal peace of mind and confidence.

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