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Emergency Roof Repair Woodridge ILAre you seeking help with a situation involving emergency roof repair? Woodridge, IL property owners turn to the professionals at Hills Roofing. In fact, we’ve been serving the region since 1985!

Tree damage is one of the most common situations that leads to a need for emergency roof repair. Woodridge, IL is prone to wild weather on occasion. Strong winds from a wild summer thunderstorm can bring down large tree limbs, branches and even entire trees. But there are a few precautions that property owners can take to help prevent the chances of sustaining serious damage.

Firstly, keep the tree’s well trimmed around your home. Remove all over-hanging branches and limbs and this will dramatically reduce your chances of a downed tree limb taking out a portion of your roof.

It’s also wise to remove the dead, dying or diseased trees and tree limbs that overhang or surround your home or commercial property. These trees are more apt to fall in strong winds. In fact, some seriously diseased or decaying trees may fall over without any wind at all!

It’s also wise to remove trees with a shallow root system. Weeping willows are notoriously problematic in this regard, as the shallow root system means they easily up-root.

If your property is damaged by a falling tree or tree limb, it’s important to get the damage repaired immediately, as this can help limit collateral damage, especially water damage.

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Hills Roofing is fully bonded, licensed and insured! We can help with all forms of roof repair, from roof cleaning, to chimney caps and rebuilds, snow removal, re-roofing, roof repair and new roof installations.

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