Emergency Roof Repair Downers Grove IL

Emergency Roof Repair Downers Grove ILHave strong winds left you with a damaged roof? Are you in need of an emergency roof repair? Downers Grove, IL property owners turn to the experts at Hills Roofing.

Since 1985, we’ve been serving clients across the entire region! Wind damage is among the most common causes of damage that requires emergency roof repair. Downers Grove, IL natives often wonder how the wind can cause so much damage. After all, it’s just wind, right?

Well, not exactly.

Wind normally passes over the roof in an aerodynamic manner. But when high winds strike, the wind can “catch” the edge of a shingle or roofing tile, causing it to lift. In the case of flexible asphalt shingles, they can bend quite a bit without suffering any damage (with the exception of older asphalt shingles, which are more brittle. They tend to snap and break.) Unfortunately, roofing tiles and slate doesn’t fare as well. These less flexible roofing types will peel off and separate from the roof, going airborne in some cases.

This leads to the other cause of wind damage: airborne debris. Debris can rapidly turn into a projectile. So a roofing tile from a neighbor’s home, a branch or another object can go airborne, hitting your roof with tremendous force. In some cases, the airborne projectile may punch a hole clear through your roof, skylight or window.

Trees and tree limbs also come down in windy weather, resulting in serious roof damage. This is why it’s best to trim all dead trees, dead tree limbs and all limbs that over-hang your home’s roof.

Licensed and Insured Emergency Roof Repair Downers Grove IL

At Hills Roofing, our team is fully bonded, licensed and insured to provide you with optimal peace of mind with every project we perform, whether it’s a roof cleaning, skylight repair, a re-roofing project or an emergency roofing repair.

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