Emergency Roof Repair 60540

Emergency Roof Repair 60540Has hail damaged your roof? Well, then you’re probably in need of some emergency roof repair (60540)! Residents of Naperville, Downers Grove, Aurora, Woodridge and beyond turn to the pros here at Hills Roofing.

Hail can cause very serious and widespread roof damage. What’s worse, it can strike at any moment and there’s absolutely nothing you can to do stop it! But you can be prepared and knowledgeable about how and why hail damages your home.

Hail occurs when water freezes into balls of ice, which form as the water passes through cold, moist air currents in cumulonimbus clouds, better known as thunderclouds. Hail stones can reach several inches in diameter, weighing several pounds in extreme cases!

While hail the size of peas and marbles won’t do much damage, golf ball-sized hail and larger can cause some serious damage to your home, property and vehicles. A golf ball sized hailstone can fall at speeds approaching 235 miles an hour, so it’s no wonder these frozen chunks can cause serious damage!

Hail stones can crack, break and dislodge shingles and roofing tiles. They can also crack or shatter skylights. The hail stones may damage gutters and the largest hail stones may punch a hole clear through your roof! They may also take down lots of branches and foliage, which may cause problems with drainage such as gutter clogs.

When hail strikes, inspect the damage as soon as it’s safe to go outside. Remove foliage and sticks from your roof and gutters. And don’t forget to schedule repairs for roof damage ASAP!

Licensed Emergency Roof Repair 60540

The team here at Hills Roofing is bonded, licensed and fully insured. We perform a full host of services, such as roof cleaning, snow removal, skylight installations and repairs, a re-roofing project, new roof installations or an emergency roofing repair (60540).

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Illinois residents in the area of Aurora, Woodridge, Naperville, Downers Grove, Lisle and beyond are encouraged to call us for a free roof inspection or to schedule a roof repair. Call Hills Roofing at 630-963-1555. Visit http://hillsroofinginc.com/ for more information about emergency roof repair 60540.

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